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In todays world where practically everyone has the internet, a network is a must-have. This allows all of the family or office workers to share one internet connection at the same time, aswell as enabling the sharing of devices such as printers and the files on each computer.

What types of network are there?

There are two common network connectivity types, one being "wired" and the other "wireless" - both of these use a router. These two connections provide the same functions, but differ slightly in the following areas:

Ease of installation - wireless networks are easier to install since they require little need for cabling (CAT5).
Cost of installation - wired networks are relatively cheaper but take longer to install than wireless networks.
Performance - wired networks have the ability to perform greater than wireless networks.
Reliability - wired networks are often more reliable (e.g. less interference), though not significantly.
Security - wireless networks can be vulnerable to interception and rely on encryption (WEP/WPA) to prevent this.

Choosing the right network for your household or office depends on how you wish to use it.

Which type is right for me?

If you intend on roaming around your house (and even outside) using a laptop, a wireless connection would be the best option. Should you wish to network a number of computers in a particular room or office, the wired connection would be more applicable. Some routers offer the option of both wired and wireless connectivity (see Combo Network Installation).

How much does it cost?

The price for network installation can vary greatly depending on the circumstances (e.g. price of router - capability of router strength, distance covered, surrounding environment), the following table is purely a guideline:

Network type Number of systems networked Price
Wired Network Installation
Includes wired router, RJ45 plugs, CAT5 cabling & up to three NICs.
Up to 3 systems*
4+ additional £10.00 per system
Wireless Network Installation
Includes wireless router & up to three wireless USB dongles (if applicable).
Up to 3 systems*
4+ additional £20.00 per system
Combo Network Installation
Includes router combo & up to three wireless USB dongles (if applicable).
Up to 3 systems*
4+ additional £10/£20 per system
* Above are the current prices (based on max 3 systems networked) effective of Monday, 2nd January 2012.
* Each additional NIC (wired Network Interface Card) is priced at £10.00, each additional wireless dongle is priced at £20.00.

Callout and labour charges still apply - this table comprises of the cost of hardware only.
E.g. a wireless network installation including callout and two hours labour would be £170.00 in total.

If you have any questions or need advice on your network installation and configuration, please email us.

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