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Hull computer optimisation

The daily use of your system, moving/deleting/saving files, installing & uninstalling programs, visiting websites, all have a somewhat detrimental effect on the speed that it operates. Amongst this, there is the risk of harmful files running in the background that you may not know about.
This service aims to restore your system to an optimum working state.

What is done during optimisation?

There are numerous actions undertaken, the following list is a brief overview of what is involved:

• Freeing up of disk space;
• Removal of obsolete registry entries;
• Removal of temporary files that are no longer required;
• Removal of old unrequired system restore points;
• Removal of redundant & unwanted programs on startup;
• Installation of any necessary Windows and program updates;
• Disk check including detection & repair of disk errors;
Defragmentation of hard drive(s).

Ultimately, the speed of your system depends on its hardware, it may also be infected with viruses, adware, malware & spyware. Find out about our virus removal service and consider upgrading if it's over five years old.

Optimisation prices

The below table outlines the cost of PC & laptop optimisations that are undertaken in our workshop.

System optimisation is usually completed within a few hours (depending on the spec & age of system) and may also be undertaken during a home visit. A collect & return service is available, or alternatively you may drop it off.

Discount will be provided for multiple system optimisations.

Type of system # of Systems Price
Tower/Desktop Computer
Applies to the above optimisation steps on any tower/desktop computer.
Per system £40.00
Applies to the above optimisation steps on any laptop.
Per system £40.00
Above are the current prices effective of Friday, 1st January 2010.

If you have any queries or questions regarding optimisation, please contact us. Enquiries and quotations are free.

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