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Over time, your PC or laptops internal components will eventually become very dusty. This is normal, considering there are potentially numerous fans constantly sucking and blowing air in and out of your PC or laptops case to prevent overheating. But this added build up of dust creates less than desired effects - fans that should be cooling components are working less efficiently.

Overheating components

Failing to keep ontop of this dust can lead to components overheating - such as processors, graphics cards/chips or hard drives, which ultimately leads to system failure. Regularly vacuuming and cleaning the inside of your PC or laptop will reduce the chances of this occuring. This can save you alot of money in the long run.

Aswell as ensuring cooling is at its optimum, you also want to pay attention to other areas, such as your keyboard and mouse (if applicable). When used daily (and in premises such as offices where you may eat or drink at the computer) the keyboard and mouse are generally the dirtiest devices. A study found that the average keyboard contains more bacteria than found on a toilet seat - this is a great incentive on why you should clean regularly.

Examples of past refurbishments

Here are the before & after images of a recent PC refurbished - which required quite an intensive restoration. The owner knew next to nothing about computers, but used it nearly every day over a period which spanned around two years.

Before PC refurbishing 1     After PC refurbishing 1     Before PC refurbishing 2     After PC refurbishing 2

This is why it's important to keep ontop of the dust collection regularly...

Recommended refurbishment period

Depending on how much your PC or laptop is used, it is recommended that this process is carried out around every three to six months. We can arrange to collect your system regularly to carry out this work. This service fully aims to refurbish your:

• Computer (internally & externally);
• Laptop (internally & externally);

Remember - a refurbished computer doesn't necessarily mean that it's working at its optimum level - more steps can be taken through your Operating System to speed it up. View more information on the optimisation of your computer.

Refurbishing prices

The below table outlines the cost of PC & laptop refurbishments that are undertaken in our workshop.

It's recommended that systems are refurbished within the workshop. A collect & return service is available, or alternatively you may drop it off. Generally, it takes up to an hour to refurbish a whole system internally & externally.

Discount will be provided for multiple system refurbishments.

Type of system # of Systems Price
Tower/Desktop Computer
Applies to work on any tower/desktop computer - includes internal & external refurbishing.
Per system £40.00
Applies to work on any laptop - includes internal & external refurbishing.
Per system £30.00
Above are the current prices effective of Friday, 1st January 2010.

To arrange a PC or laptop refurbishment, please email to book a time.

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