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Hull computer upgrades

During the lifetime of your computer, it will no doubt require upgrades at some point. Upgrades are a great idea if you don't like the sound of paying full price for a new system.

The most common upgrade which can improve performance significantly is RAM (Random Access Memory). This is relatively cheap, easily installed and in some situations can double your systems performance. It is recommended that RAM is upgraded at least once in the systems lifetime.

What can be upgraded?

Common upgrades include RAM (as outlined above, which increases system performance), additional hard drives (allows you to store more data), graphics cards (for playing demanding games), DVD/CD writers (although most systems today include these) or even CPU fans (which omit less noise and operate quieter).

Amongst these, we also have replacement keyboard and mice should you find yours need replacing. If you require other external devices such as TFT monitors, speakers, routers, printers, scanners etc. please contact us for a quote.

Thinking of installing a home network? For assistance and advice, read more about it here.

Upgrade prices

The below table outlines the cost of upgrades that are undertaken in our workshop (parts not included).

As you can imagine, there are many possible upgrades. Please enquire for a general idea of the cost.

Prices for all areas we provide for Hours Price
Workshop rate
Applies to work undertaken within the Hull IT Solutions workshop.
If required, there is also a collect & return service available.
Per hour £20.00
Above are the current prices effective of Friday, 1st January 2010. Parts are not included.

If you have any queries or questions regarding upgrades, please contact us. Enquiries and quotations are free.

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