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Recycled items for sale

Occasionally, second hand computers, second hand laptops and other recycled items such as monitors, printers or routers etc will be in stock. View the following table for an idea of each item, their specifications and prices. These may vary from full computer systems to standalone tower/desktop units, laptops, monitors or printers and scanners etc. All systems are:

• Refurbished to original condition as much as possible;
• Optimised to be as quick working as possible;
• Up to date with the latest Windows software;
• Loaded with free up-to-date anti-virus software.

Please remember that these are second hand and therefore may show some signs of wear - item condition is listed. Each item has been refurbished, optimised & restored as much as possible to original condition by Hull IT Solutions & function as intended unless otherwise stated(*). Each system also has the latest Windows updates installed and come with free anti-virus software.

This table is updated as and when recycled items are received or sold.
Item conditions range from: Poor › Fair › Good › Very Good › Excellent

  Item Description / Specifications Qty Condition Price
There are currently no items for sale.

* Pending further refurbishment, parts or repairs

Last Modified: 10-01-2013 20:10

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