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This page includes testimonials from past customers relating to the services we have provided. Have we done work for you in the past? Leave us a recommendation here!

Allan, Hessle says:

On many occasions Paul has provided me with excellent service, from solving logon errors to providing me with a temporary PC while my own on was being repaired. It's handy having someone you can depend on just around the corner. (28/11/2010)

Bill, Woodmansey says:

After parting with a recent company, I had a lot of leftover stock I needed to get rid of. I contacted Paul and he came and showed me how to use eBay and advertise/sell my stock. A few months later he setup an online eCommerce website where I have been able to also sell the items. He has been of great assistance over the past year and I have no hesitation recommending him to family and friends. (05/04/2011)

Craig, Hessle says:

Over the past month or so I had noticed my computers CD drive was stuttering and failing on occasions when in use. I contacted Paul who happened to have a replacement CD drive in stock. He arrived the next day to fit it and at little expense. I'm very happy with the speed of service. (19/02/2011)

Jack, Hessle says:

I had been running Windows Vista for a couple of years and the laptop had become very slow, the fan always seemed to be on as well. I wanted to upgrade to Windows 7 but was unsure about doing so, so I had a quick Google and I found Hull IT Solutions. I spoke to Paul who said it would be a simple process and all of my data would remain intact. He kindly collected my laptop and the very next day it was ready and I went to pick it up. The laptop was perfect and not only was it upgraded to Windows 7, he also freed up space on my hard drive and removed viruses. I was more than happy with the work! (31/03/2011)

John, Bilton says:

I am delighted to have been requested to give Paul a reference for the work which he has carried out for me, which to date has been a great service which Paul has carried with a quick response time, making very difficult problems with my laptop easily resolved & carried in a very friendly manner. I am very confident with his complete trustworthiness in the matter & have no problems showing him all my files should there be any fault with them. Quick, friendly, confidential & competitive service given by Paul, I shall continue to use Pauls' service & I do & shall continue to recommend his skills & service to everyone. (07/03/2011)

John, Gipsyville says:

I first hired Paul to create my Personal Training website in 2007. Since then, he has shown me how to update my website, create blogs, and more. He optimised the site so that it ranked high in general search terms, and is now in the top 10 listings for many search terms. This has created more business opportunities for me, and helped my clients find a service they enjoy. He has also put together a computer for me, using the parts that will give me what I want - for less than it would have cost buying from a regular computer store. This is value for money and has saved me more money. Thanks Paul, from Your Next Level Fitness. (09/05/2010)

Jonathan, Hessle says:

Paul was of great help to me. I turned on my laptop as normal only to find a program running which said I had been infected with numerous viruses. I found Hull IT Solutions online and contacted Paul. After telling him the name of the software on my screen he pointed out that it was fake/bogus and was trying to trick me into buying it. He collected my laptop the same day and removed it using his knowledge (how he did so, I don't know - I didn't have a clue). Now my laptop is back to normal and has programs to prevent it happening again. Thank you! (08/03/2011)

Josh, Hessle says:

My desktop computer had somehow become infected with viruses & spyware (amongst other problems) so I asked friends who could be of assistance & they pointed me towards Paul. Paul visited my house & diagnosed that not only was it infected, but the hard drive was corrupt & likely needed replacing. He also had a newer PC for sale, so I opted to purchase that instead - rather than replace the hard drive. The system is excellent & has been running fine with no problems for months. (10/02/2011)

Kris, Hessle says:

I required a laptop for college work and, being a student, I was on a tight budget. Thankfully, I discovered that Hull IT Solutions recycles laptops and I was able to buy one for under £100.00. I am very appreciative of this, Paul was very helpful. (22/10/2010)

Neil, Anlaby says:

Knowing Paul through a work collegue who spoke so highly of him, I had no hesitation in contacting him. I have been able to depend on Paul numerous times, and the fact he lives just around the corner is even better - he doesn't charge a callout fee as it's a mere five minute walk to my house. Thanks for your continued help Paul and the kettle's always on! (18/07/2010)

Reuben, Anlaby says:

Living next door to someone with such expertise with computers is a God send. Whenever I have a problem with my PC - no matter how minor, I can always depend on Paul. If he's in he pops around straight away to have a look and usually fixes the problem within minutes. (15/04/2011)

Sarah, Hull says:

Had a laptop which needed a new screen, which was replaced in two days for a great price compared to other local companies. Would definitely use in future. (22/11/2011)

Stella, Willerby says:

I have required Paul's help numerous times and he has always been readily available. I have a desktop computer upstairs and also wanted to access my files from downstairs on my laptop. Paul installed a wireless network and connected together both of my computers, so I was able to access one from another and use the printer whenever I needed to. He has also came to me within the hour for other various computer problems - since he is just around the corner from me it's a lifesaver! (12/12/2010)

Steve, Hessle says:

My laptop would occasionally not boot and I was confused as to what the problem was. I contacted Paul and after a brief inspection he found it was due to a faulty motherboard. Within a couple of days he had managed to get hold of a replacement motherboard for a little over £120.00 and had replaced the faulty one. Not only was I happy to have a working laptop again, but also for the standard, price and speed of work which was provided. Fantastic service. (03/01/2011)

Wendy, Hull says:

Paul. Many thanks for "Hitting the spot" and sorting out the Blue screen error that has been bugging me. I would certainly recommend your services to anyone who has a problem. Wendy (04/05/2011)

Paul. Once again many thanks for the excellent work, this time in upgrading my laptop to Windows 7. It's like having a new computer. Wendy (25/01/2012)

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