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The number of businesses advertising their services on the web has increased dramatically over the past ten years or so. Due to thriving and competitive industries, owning a website with reliable hosting is a must-have if you wish to operate successfully over the internet.

Here at Hull IT Solutions we can host your website specifically suited to your own requirements. We have a range of web hosting packages which can accomodate small, medium and large sites. Alongside this, we can also ensure your website is maintained, updated regularly and also register/renew your domain name, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

What's involved?

Below is a brief outline of what our web hosting services consist of:

• Virtual Private Server (VPS) shared hosting;
• 100% dedicated server resources;
• 99.9% up time guarantee;
• Remote guaranteed backups;
• POP/IMAP email accounts;
• FTP accounts;

Web hosting

Below are our hosting packages and prices for small, medium and large businesses. If you also require regular updates to your website, we can assist you here aswell. Find out more about these options below:

Hosting plans Suitable for... Price
Small business hosting Small business hosting Ideal for businesses with small basic websites which have low but consistent amounts of visitor traffic. £5 per month
Medium business hosting Medium business hosting Ideal for medium sized businesses with websites using backend databases and a reasonable amount of visitor traffic. £10 per month
Large business hosting Large business hosting Ideal for high demand websites using systems like ecommerce with backend databases and high amounts of visitor traffic. £20 per month

Web hosting extras

If you require regular updates to your website, we can assist you here aswell. We can also renew your domain name(s) automatically, ensuring your website will always be online and no one can purchase your domain name... for peace of mind.

Additional extras Compromises of... Price
Domain name renewals Renewal of domain name(s) each year.
Includes prices of: biz,, and domains.
For costs of other domains (such as com, net, org), please enquire.
£10 per year
Website maintenance Regular website updates for the period of one year.
Consists of basic website alterations and additions.
For more information or info on advanced alterations, please enquire.
£240 per year

If you have any queries or questions regarding our web hosting packages, please email us.

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